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Intelligent 3 Arm Tripod Access Control Turnstiles Mechanical For Traffic Pedestrian

Intelligent 3 Arm Tripod Access Control Turnstiles Mechanical For Traffic Pedestrian

turnstile security gate

tripod access system

3 Arm Access Control Turnstiles

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Product Details
304# Stainless Steel
Work Movement:
Germany Technology Electromagnetic Valve
Passage Width:
Reader Windows::
2 RFID Readers
Net Weight::
Turnstile Operation::
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Packaging Details
carton and wooden packing
Delivery Time
7-15 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
2000 units Per Month
Product Description

Intelligent 3 Arm Tripod Access Control Turnstiles Mechanical For Traffic Pedestrian



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(1) Running stable without noise and mechanical impact.
(2)The passers number can be set by management dept.
(3) Several working molds optional.
(4) Bi-direction, or uni-direction. one forbidden, or one direction charged/ one for free pass, and all the working molds set in the main control board.
(5) Arm's up&down can be remote in long-distance when in fire happened.
(6) Indicator display guide passer in & out.
(7) The standard interface compatible with various readers and writer equipments.
(8) Computer intelligent control turnstiles.
(9) LED counter display passers total number .Manager can set numbers to 0.
(10) Card-reading memory cab be set by users.
(11) Self-check and alarm.

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Parameter of tripod turnstile

Product Parameter Parameter Description
Contains Mechanism,Housing,Driver board,Power Supply
Housing Material Stainless steel or Cold-rolled steel plate
Drive Mode Motor drive, 6 sets Photoelectirc sensor
Communication Interface One RS232 interface, two card reader signals(passive),one fire alarm interface
Access modes

Automatic rotation

Manual rotation

Rotating 10 degree manually, then turn automatically

Status Indication Allow passing through/ Forbidden
Power Consumption <60watt
Protection When external force more than setting value, the tripod will be moved
Humidity 5%-90%
Communication Interface One RS232 interface Two Card reader signals
Noise ≤50dB
Lane Width 550mm
Net Weight 45KGS
Follwing Speed >15people/minute
Service Life Three millions continuous opening and closing of barrier panel
Access Modes Rotating 10 degree manually, then arms turned automatically
Input Input AC220V (10% more or less), 50HZ (4% more or less)
Power LR6 (AA)battery x 4pcs
Maintenance Port 2units
Dimension 1700L × 1040H × 300W(mm)
Working Environment 0°C-60°C
Working State Single/ bi-directional



Main Functions and Features of the System

1) The entire system runs smoothly, with a small noise and free of mechanical impact.

The system adopts the exclusive technique of Jaw clutch. As a result, the turnstile is more accurate and reliable for zero point locking and unlocking.

2) DC Brushless Motor, Maintenance Free

3) It has failure self-detect and alarm indication function, facilitating maintenance and application for the users.

4) It is provided with multiple operation modes for selection. It can either read card in double way for flow limit, or reading card in a way while barring in the other, or read card in a way while free passage in the other. Moreover, the operation mode of turnstile may be set up with the built-in small keyboard.

5) It has automatic function of opening or closing when power off.

6) The equipment is provided with a unified, standard electric interface and is available to be integrated with various read/write facilities to facilitate the system integration. It is able to realize far end control and management with the help of administrative computer.

7) It has a function of reading card with or without memory, and it may be set up with the built-in small keyboard in accordance with the requirements of the users.

8) Counting the passing people number automatically, and with LED display

9) Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people

10) Prohibiting opposite direction passing, one side reading the card, the other side will lock when you passing forcedly; the locking time can be set, and unlocked by the card.

11) Prohibiting illegal passing, the turnstile without the card, the locking time can be set, and unlocked by the card.

12) Anti-hit against function, when the turnstile touches the passing people, it will stop and after several seconds, it will turn again.

13) Self resetting function, the system will cancel the people passing right when reading the card but not passing, the time can be set.

14) RS485 Communication function

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