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Retractable Flap Barrier Turnstile Durable Anti Pinch Function Time Attendance System

Retractable Flap Barrier Turnstile Durable Anti Pinch Function Time Attendance System

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Anti Pinch Flap Barrier Turnstile

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CE / ISO9001

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RNCF1088 / RNCF1088S

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Product Details
Product Name:
Retractable Flap Barrier Turnstile Durable Anti Pinch Function Time Attendance System
1500mm (L) * 300mm (W) * 990mm (H)
Drive Motor:
Stepping Motor
Working Environment:
Direction Plate:
Arrow & Cross
Passage Width: 550mm:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pair
Packaging Details
Export Wooden Packing
Delivery Time
7-15 working days
Supply Ability
2000 units Per Month
Product Description

Automatic Pedestrian Waist High 304 Stainless Steel Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate With RFID Card




Feature of the product:
1.Fault self-test and alarm functions,convenient user maintenance and using
2.Via the control board Built in a small dish,Programmable devices running status
3.Anti-Pinch mechanical structure,anti-bumps function, when the swing arm reset process meet resistance, within a limited time automatically stops the motor, the default delay after the reset again (until reset), and the force is very small (≤2Kg )
4.Break into protection function, when the gate signal is not received, the arm automatically locked
5.Relative with a variety of reader device attached,working when receive relay switch signal
6.Remote control and management by the management computer
7.Power-off arm Automatic open,turn on automatically closed, can meet fire safety requirements
8.Pinch function (bridge type four pairs of infrared optional)
9.Accurate logic judgment and infrared reset function (4 or 6 pairs of infrared)
10.Counting function (optional)

Retractable Flap Barrier Turnstile Durable Anti Pinch Function Time Attendance System 0


Technical parameters

size 1500*300*990mm
Access speed Normally closed mode: 30 / min Normally open mode: 40 / min
material Quality 304 stainless steel
direction the arrow indicator
Power Drive Motor drive; reset: automatic reset;
Input voltage 220VAC 220 ±10%
The environment temperature Minus 30 - above 60 degrees Celsius zero
The main function Control the flow of people
Brake machine control The whole domestic visual voice control panel
Production Process Full CNC laser cutting machine
Service life more than 3 million times
The pedestrian width 550mm
rotation model High-performance electromagnetic photoelectric sensor
Movement type Proximity switch location
Control signal relay signal input


1. infrared sensor of On four groups above and two groups under are clever combination, to deal effectively with the clip

2. The anti-following function, through accurate calculation, it can prevent unauthorized personnel illegally following the authorized personnel to enter, and reports to the police.

3. Using TCP/IP communications protocol, real-time data uploaded and real-time data acquired,that facilitate the clients to deal with all kinds of data analysis, and ensure the system won't lose due to the amount of data too big or the unexpected result

4. It can be set by software one-way or two-way traffic or required to pass after verification, a variety of work mode combination

5. Strict waterproof mechanism, and the built-in ventilation structure, ensure the safety or life of electrical and mechanical and electric control part , to ensure that the equipment can adapt to the use environment.

6. Remote control, remote gate function the state of operation, It provides the linkage input interface, in order to meet specific requirements of the users and fire safety requirements.

1. provide on-spot installation ?
Our products are not included on-site installation, if you want to install on-site, the company will be charged a certain installation costs vary depending on the region and product availability, please contact customer service.
2. First purchase gates, you can install it?
Commissioning tests have been completed before the factory equipment, installation, simply fixing machinery, you can energize. if you need networking equipment, you need a computer control terminal and docking gates to make software debugging , if confused, please call customer service.
3  What's Delivery time?
10 working days after received your payment,if some oher condition,we will notify you quickly.


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Retractable Flap Barrier Turnstile Durable Anti Pinch Function Time Attendance System 1






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