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Shenzhen Rona Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile

Shenzhen Rona Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Rona Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Company Details

Main Market:

North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa , Oceania , Worldwide

Business Type:

Manufacturer , Exporter , Seller



No. of Employees:


Annual Sales:


Year Established:


Export p.c:

70% - 80%


Established in 2004, Shenzhen RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to RONA) is a leading Chinese manufacturer of security turnstiles and intelligentized access control system.


With more than 15 years professional production facilities and advanced engineering innovations, RONA designs, manufactures and successfully markets products that meet international standards of the security industry. Products by RONA work at many hundreds of locations in 60 countries worldwide.


we have manufactured a full-line of security turnstiles at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Shenzhen China. Our customers are stadiums, health clubs, factories, schools, governments, embassies, office buildings, amusement parks, arenas and any other site that requires the control of pedestrian access.


Our Mission

RONA started and continues as a professional turnstile company with one goal – to deliver a broad range of innovation, high-quality products and services that meet our customers needs for security and effective business management.


Main Products Lines

-> Luxury Speed Gate

-> Tripod Turnstile

-> Swing Gate Turnstile

-> Flap Turnstile

-> Sliding Gate Turnstile

-> Drop Arm Turnstile

-> Non-obstacle Optical Turnstile

-> Waist Height Turnstile

-> Full Height Turnstile

-> Access Control System
-> Ticket Management System
-> Visitor Management System


RONA In Brief

-> 15 years expertise in the security turnstile market

-> Sales in 60 countries worldwide

-> Over 7000 sq. m of production & office space

-> An over 100-strong team of qualified professionals

-> A sales network of over 7 cities in China

-> Client Services, Technical Support, Marketing and Advertising, Research and Development Departments located in Shenzhen, China

-> A modern manufacturing plant in China

-> Finished-goods warehouses in Shenzhen

-> RONA quality management system is compliant with the CE &ISO 9001 international standard



RONA Industrial Park


China Shenzhen Rona Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd company profile 0


China Shenzhen Rona Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd company profile 1



RONA is very particular about effective performance of its products:


-> True to its customer-oriented strategy, RONA always honours the warranty and post-warranty obligations throughout the product life time


-> Technical Support Department provides the customer with after-sales service, warranty repair and comprehensive technical advice.





-> Register Shenzhen RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd in China Government.

-> RONA main business sales access control system.



-> Registered trademark "罗拉" & “RONA”.



-> RONA moved to new site to expansion for the first time,  the new factory address is 3F, Building C, Longlian Industrial Zone, Zhonghua Rd, Longhua Town, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China 518109;

-> Established R&D team to develop own brand turnstiles;

-> RONA brand formally came out;

-> RONA designs, manufactures and successfully market turnstiles that meet international standards of the security industry.



-> RONA only focus on designing, manufacturing & selling all kinds of security turnstiles gate;

-> RONA cooperates with Baidu, Alibaba, hc360, CPS (China famous network companies) to advertise on the Internet;

-> RONA cooperates with Nanchang University, to enhance research and development capability.



-> RONA achieved the ISO9001-2008 quality management system international standard approved certificate;

-> RONA estabish the first branch factory for expansion to meet the increasing demand of the market.



-> RONA achieved the first patent of technology and appearance from China government;

-> RONA has formed a completed system of R&D, manufacture sell, technical support, after-sales service and brand operation, that meet international standards of the security industry;



-> RONA estabished three sales branch in Suzhou City, Chendu City and Jinan City, they are Suzhou Office, Chengdu Office and Jinan Office;

-> RONA achieved over 20 patent of turnstiles from China government;

-> RONA hardware system &  software application development, with independent intellectual property rights 

-> RONA achieved Shenzhen High-tech enterprises from China government;

-> RONA achieved National High-tech enterprises from China government;

-> RONA achieved CE international standard approved certificate;



-> Established employee's family protection foundation;



-> Company management mode reformed, established Marketing Department, Personnel Department, Sales Department, R&D Department,Production Department, Quality Department,Technical Department, After-sales Department, Shipping Department;

-> Adopted ERP system

-> RONA estabished a new sales branch in Changsha City, is Changsha Office;



-> RONA registered software development company and software came into use in turnstiles system.

-> RONA Establishes a new sales branch in Xi'an City, is Xi'an Office;

-> RONA estabished Overseas Sales Department;

-> RONA added new site to expansion for the second time, the new office address is: A603, 6F, Yousong Technology Building, E Ring 1st Rd, Longhua Town, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China 518109;



-> RONA implemented customization services;

-> New system , new technology, new product make RONA enter to high speed development stage, till 2014 RONA got more than 100 patents;

-> RONA Establishes a new sales branch in Chongqing City, is Chongqing Office;

-> Registered "RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Limited" in KongHong China; Products by RONA work at many hundreds of locations in 10 countries worldwide.



-> RONA is pushing hard on turnstiles system combine with management software application, implements system customization services, 

-> RONA achieved Shenzhen High-tech enterprises & National High-tech enterprises from China government;

-> RONA added new site to expansion for the Third time, the new factory address is: 4F, Building C, Longlian Industrial Zone, Zhonghua Rd, Longhua Town, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China 518109;



-> RONA Established a new Technical Services Office in Chengdu City;

-> Turnstiles System Management Software is becoming more mature, functions including Time & Attendance Management, Ticket Management System, Visitor Management System, etc. The software language can be customised.



-> RONA Established a new Technical Services Office in Beijing City;

-> RONA Launched Human & Identification Card Comparison System and its patent;

-> RONA Launched new appearance technology;

-> Trunstiles hardware system upgraded completed;

-> Carried out Product architecture modularization;



-> RONA moved to new site for expansion for the fourth time, the new factory address: RONA Industrial Park, No.4 Longxian Rd, Longgang St, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China. 518116

-> Updating







Our Team

We Have totally more than 100 staff members, including a very strong R&D team with 15 engineers and technicians, they are always ready to meet your OEM/ODM requirements. Backed by our experience and creativity, our products feature reliable performance and unique functions.

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