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Entry Control Speed Gate Turnstile Luxury Speed Stainless Steel Barrier Gate

Entry Control Speed Gate Turnstile Luxury Speed Stainless Steel Barrier Gate

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CE / ISO9001

Model Number:

RNCF H8008-8

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Product Details
304# Stainless Steel
Brushed Surface/polishing Surface
Power Voltage:
AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
Driver Motor:
DC Servo Motor
Passing Speed:
40 Persons/min
Passage Width:
Operation Temperature::
-10℃ ~ +70℃
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Lane
Packaging Details
carton and wooden packing
Delivery Time
7-15 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
2000 units Per Month
Product Description

Entry Control Speed Gate Turnstile Luxury Speed Stainless Steel Gate



1. Rapid identification technique, available to identify accurately and efficiently the magnetic card, bar code card, ID card and IC card.

2. With normally open & normally closed working mode

3. Real time failure self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance and operation.

4. With direction indication, guiding passenger to entry and exit.

5. Automatic counting and displaying number of passenger, facilitating observation and with a displaying total amount as high as 90,000. (Optional)

6. Sound/light (Light is optional) alarm indication function, preventing illegal entry or irregular passing.

7. After the system power is cut off, the plate barrier starts the standby power to withdraw the barrier, so that the passage is ensured to be smooth and to divert the flow of passenger timely.

8. The infrared sensing technique realizes real time monitor of passage, safe protection and tail-proof.

9. The treatment mode in emergency or in special conditions.

10. Super strong combination capability, with the combined application of products of different passage types and series, not affecting the system performance.

11. Strong system expending capability, available to add new product at any time.

12. Far end control management: function to far end control of barrier mode, meeting the special requirements of the users and the fire protection.


Product specification:

1-The turnstile housing is made of stainless steel, seamless design.
2-The internal structures are all under rustproof processing, so the turnstile will be durable.
3-The machine works smoothly without any noise.
4-The swing can be pushed freely when the power is off, and it can be the emergency passageway.
5-The system adopts standard electrical interfaces.
6- Compatible with all main access control card readers
7- Be suitable for the different security grade access control passageways
8- To effectively prevent the illegal person entering and exiting

Basic Function:
Passing mode: controlled mode / free mode / forbidden mode (The entry and exit can be set independently)
Automatic reset function: The swing gate will return to the hindered zero position automatically when the passing is finished, stable and no shaking.
Self-recovery function: The swing gates do not return to the hindered zero position because of something abnormal. And the swing gate will automatically recover to the hindered zero position when it is over the set time.
Self-check function when power on: The system will self-check routinely when the power is on, and intelligently detect the key hardware and function.
Find the hidden danger within the shortest time!

Special Function:
Unique dynamic monitoring function
Batch setting and debug function: The turnstile can be batch set and debugged by the software. It will greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.
Compatibility: Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface,
Compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

Custom-made Feature:
Passing counting function: With external or built-in counter, record the passing times of one way (independently count the numbers of entrance and exit)

Memory function of passing requests: More than 2 passing signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and opposite direction), the system will remember all the passing requests and finish them one by one.

Passing limit and forbidden function: Limit the allowed net passing numbers of people at one direction within a certain period by software (the numbers in one direction minus the numbers in opposite direction), to meet the visitors flow rate management at the special condition


Entry Control Speed Gate Turnstile Luxury Speed Stainless Steel Barrier Gate 0


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