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Ticket management system solution


Latest company news about Ticket management system solution

Ticket management system


Ticket management system Functions: 

  • Automated operations: the use of modern means of automatic identification and advanced computer technology to achieve tickets, access to personnel of the automated management, quick and accurate query summary, report statistics, which can reduce staffing, reduce the workload, cost savings.
  • To maintain a good order of scenic region : the traditional ticket method is inefficient, the annual tourist peak, scenic entrance order is difficult to maintain, prone to congestion or even stampede events, the safety of tourists poses a serious threat. The use of our company's electronic ticket management system, through a special ticket equipment (tripod turnstile, flap turnstile , swing turnstile, etc.) to the effective ticket management, and create a stable and orderly access to the environment (or other Place), to avoid a lot of unfavorable factors.
  • Anti-counterfeiting effect: In the ticket embedded in the only electronic code to ensure that the issue of electronic tickets can only be used in specific conditions, to prevent duplication, anti-counterfeiting purpose.
  • Account balance: electronic ticketing management system with the import, sales, storage and other statistical functions, it is the balance of the ticket and cash account management provides a favorable protection, and conducive to the operation and management of staff.
  • Ticket real-time monitoring: the system's real-time monitoring module will change the scenic information feedback is not timely malpractice, managers can be in the central management subsystem at any time query, statistics of various types of data.
  • To enhance the image of tourist attractions: Today, the tourism industry is highly competitive, in order to maximize the fight for tourists, tourist attractions and services from the decision to decide about the line, to take the electronic ticket management system to help improve the image of tourist attractions.

Sutable project : Anyplace where need buy ticket for enter or exit , like movie theater / bus station/ park/ amusement park/ GYM / swimming pool ...


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